Catching Feelings For Your Fuckbuddy? Try These Tips!

The most important fuckuddy rule in the proverbial handbook is to not fall for your FWB. When you entered into the fuckbuddy agreement with each other, you both promised to one another that feelings wouldn’t get in the way of your good time. But, we are only human. And sex is obviously a really intimate experience for folks. Once you’re exchanging those hormones and pheromones, not to mention cuddling post sex, it can be confusing as to what you two really mean for each other. It’s perfectly natural to want that emotional companionship too. So… what should you do? If you are sitting there not wanting to ruin your FWB situation with your own feelings, here are some tips that might help you keep your fuckbuddy, drop your feelings, and continue on your marry fuckable way!

Have sex with someone else – like an escort!

We always encourage that you have multiple fuckbuddies on deck in case something as catastrophic as feelings start to happen. Not everyone is that lucky though. Finding a new fuckbuddy can take a little work. You have to visit hookup sites, hit up old friends, or try your luck at at bumping into a fuckbuddy at a bar or something. The chances of those working out are quite slim. Perhaps a hookup site is your best option, but even then you aren’t sure how quickly you’ll find someone who would be able to fuck the feelings out of you. You know who can? Escorts. Escorts, as sex workers, know exactly how to please you. It’s not just on a physical level either. Escorts are pros at figuring out the psyche of their clients, and making them feel taken care of. Because the relationship is transactional, you likely won’t fall for your escort. You will, however, have an awesome time and remember why you enjoyed the NSA (no-strings-attached) style to sex in the first place.

Jerk off to porn

Your feelings are getting in the way of your logic right now. People are hot and sexual and there are always plenty of fish in the sea. Jerking off to porn serves various purposes in this regard. Number one, it’s a stress reliever. If you are caught in your own emotions, jerking off is a nice way to ease the tension. Plus, it proves to you once again that you are capable of figuring out your own pleasure. But also, jerking off to porn forces you to put the fantasy of your fuckbuddy out of your mind. If your jerk sessions always contain your FWB, your feelings are going to grow. You don’t want that. So watch other hot people get it on and try to fantasize about being with them rather than being with your own FWB.

Go to dinner with someone

Yeah, you heard us. Go on a date with someone else. Download one of those pesky apps and just go for it. The reason? Well, you’ll either do one of two things. You will likely hate it because you’re not the dating type, and remember all the glory that comes with being a fuckbuddy. There’s also a slight chance you will love it, which will show you that you don’t have to get serious with your fuckbuddy. You could get serious with someone else and thus not break your silent fuckbuddy contract.

Do you

We don’t mean that you should actually do yourself. Well, we do. It’s just that we already mentioned that in another tip! When we say ‘do you’ we mean literally figure out what fulfills you. Most people seek out relationships because they are looking for fulfillment in another person. Those who love fuckbuddy relationships are pretty good at filling their own void with stuff they like to do. If you’ve been catching the feels, you might actually be falling out of love with your own interests. Try something new! Go fishing, try a new sport, write a book, play some video games. Whatever makes you happy!

Set the tone for yourself when you see your fuckbuddy next

You are going to see your fuckbuddy again, we all know that. But when you do, you’ve got to get outside of your own head and remind yourself of the nature of the hookup relationship. You are there to get laid. No more, no less. This can be tricky to remember, so setting the intention is important and a good way to stay on track for what you need out of your friend-with-benefits, which is to get yours! So go out there and get laid champ, we know you can do it.