BuddyBang’s Advice on Why You Should Masturbate Between FWB Sessions

If you’ve got a fuckbuddy or FWB, there’s a chance you’ve got a high sex drive. At BuddyBang, we celebrate that! However, that person that you call drunkenly at 2AM might not always be around to bone! Beyond that being reason enjoy to stroke the snake or flick the bean, there are some actual health benefits to masturbating that you might not be aware of! It’s so good for you in so many ways and can give you both physical and emotional benefits! In case you’re wondering, here’s why you should fuck yourself in between your sessions of banging your buddy!

Increased happiness, stress relief, and pain relief

Pleasuring yourself is a great way to send tons of happiness and stress relieving chemicals to that brain of yours! The act of touching yourself and experiencing an orgasm both create reactions in which drive all these pleasurable forces. When you are more relaxed, you experience less pain and stress. Moreover, it will make you happy. What more can you ask for?

Confidence in the bedroom

It’s not always easy to have confidence in the bedroom. Getting to know yourself intimately is going to help you express what you need in the bedroom. This is huge for f buddy relationships because that’s what having an FWB is all about right. Pleasure! You want to be able to have the confidence to show/tell your FWB what you need in the bedroom. Also, knowing yourself intimately will help you feel confident in allowing someone else to do so.

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Confidence outside the bedroom

That’s right! Masturbation can help you gain confidence that works for you outside the bedroom. Think about it… where does confidence come from? It comes from being totally solid in who you are, what you need, and how comfortable you are asking for it. When you know how to deliver unspeakable pleasure to yourself, you become more comfortable in the aforementioned. It’s a practice that bleeds beyond your snuggly bed.

Porn is a crash course in sex

When people touch themselves, they often look at or lean on porn to help turn them on. At BuddyBang, we totally support you! What you might not initially realize is that watching porn can help you up your sex game! In the same sense, people often carve out time to watch porn when they know they won’t be disturbed. Since you are already carving this time out, take some time to look up videos like ‘how to find the g-spot,’ or ‘how to give an epic blowjob.’ There are, as you can see, also a ton of articles out there to help you.

Learn about your own fantasies

Masturbating is a great way to wrack your brain in terms of what fantasies turn you on. Try experimenting while you masturbate with different scenarios. Have you ever thought about anal sex, pegging, role-playing, or a BDSM fantasy? Try it while you pleasure yourself and see if it turns you on even more than you were before! You might learn that something you’ve never even considered sends you over the edge. Fuck buddies are all about experimentation, so why not test out this theory?

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Increased sex drive

Your sex drive is not a battery. As in, it doesn’t lose charge the more you use it. In fact, the opposite is true. The more you keep that sex drive engaged, the more power that it continually has. If you masturbate between your fuckbuddy sessions, you are going to be able to be more easily turned on!

It’s fun

DUH! It’s a fun way to pass the time. Need we say more??